I'm good at these things.


I've worked on front-end and back-end (Django & Node.js) contracts/freelance projects alike for a long time. More recently, I've been working with React.js, Redux & Vue.js, but I'm proficient in the whole back-end stack.


Repetetive tasks can be tedious and time consuming for developers. Experiencing the agony meself, I've developed a good skill at building on-premise and external automation systems for web apps with Docker and k8s.


I'm a hobby illustrationist and logo designer. I've been creating logos and posters ever since my college days for clubs and meetups. I'm good at simple, concise and flat designs.



A unified Python library for Git hosting services GitHub, GitLab etc. Easily customizable and extensible.


GitMate automates the code review process on your projects hosted on GitLab & GitHub to speed up the development. It provides static code analysis powered by coala and many more useful plugins specially tailored to help maintainers.


A lightweight, open-source file sharing web application for local networks. It's as light weight as to run even on a Raspberry Pi, hence the name.


A cross-platform desktop app that downloads and changes wallpapers automatically. Fully customizable. Built from scratch using Python.


The user facing website for NITDgp Open Source Society. Built entirely on Jekyll and MaterializeCSS.