Somewhere in the faint depths of the Milky Way galaxy, on a lost planet called the Earth, my poor soul is born.


This was my first exposure to computers. It was an old Pentium 4 HT with 512MB of DDR1 SDRAM. Although it's nowhere close to today's standards, it was easily one of the finest that money can buy back in the day. I used to love playing Duke Nukem, Halo, Half-Life and Roadrash. Not to be rude, but back then even mice had balls.

Eventually I started programming in QBASIC and Logo.


I started as a C.S. undergraduate student at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years at college. Despite not doing something worthwhile as a Freshman, I began exploring Java and CPP in the years to come. I managed to get an internship at iMuneem, Kolkata by the end of my Sophomore year.


After the internship, Python became my all time hobby. In the November of 2016, I started contributing to open source projects on GitHub. I also started maintaining an open source organization, NITDgpOS, within the campus along with a few other colleagues.

I even went crazy as to write a cross-platform wallpaper tool, called UIP, with both CLI and GUI, multi-threaded downloads and daemonizing it. It primarily worked with Python, but also had traces of C and AppleScript to work with GTK and Quartz compositors. Later, I started maintaing the website for NITDgpOS and also conducted a few workshops and programmes in conjunction with GNU Linux Users' Group, NIT Durgapur.

During the December of 2016, I was introduced to GitMate by Lasse Schuirmann, chairman of coala Association e.V., and my future mentor to be. Single-handedly, I took over the challenge of building the project from scratch and managed to do so well.


Considering my prowess in building Django applications, my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2017 was accepted easily. The project that followed us for three months brought about some of the most interesting changes in my life. I managed to stay ahead of the timeline, despite losing my workstation in the process and my mentors were thoroughly impressed by my time management skills. These milestones became the community standards for all the projects that followed. I managed to purchase a Macbook Pro 13", thanks to GSoC.

In November 2017, I took a big leap and started mentoring students during Google Code-In and the efforts continued with Google Summer of Code 2018. It was a breeze working alongside 50+ mentors and org admins.


In early February 2018, Mozilla notified me about receiving Mozilla Open Source Support Award 2018. I was surprised to see that my pitch about GitMate 2.0 even got attention. Following the project, I got through all the milestones well within the expected deadlines.

In July 2018 I joined VIPERdev.io. My work is mostly focused on building backend architecture using Django, node.js and other frameworks with Docker containerization. However, I occasionally work on cross-platform projects featuring iOS / Android apps, PWAs and Electron apps using React and Vue with Ionic framework. Although I started pretty slow, by the end of October 2018 I was able to deliver one product a month.